Frequently asked questions

  • DodgeBow can receive your group 24/7.
  • We recommend booking at least two weeks in advance (slots are not available to groups once individual tickets have been sold, week-ends and evenings are in high demand and get booked fast).
  • Group bookings must be completed at least 24h in advance (1 hours in advance for individual tickets)
  • No tickets sold on site.
  • All participants must read and sign our Waiver and Release Form as a condition to play.
  • Players under 18 must come with a waiver signed by a parent.
Not at all! Unlike paintball, this activity can be played without any heavy protective gear. We supply face masks and arm guards for your added safety.
Now is your opportunity to try it out in a unique setting! After our 10min orientation session, we can assure that you will have sufficient knowledge to play and have a good time. Everyone is welcome and it is fun for players of all levels!
  • Bows + foam tipped arrows
  • Protective face masks
  • Protective armguards
  • Inflatable obstacles
  • Active clothing and running shoes
  • Common sense and the desire to win!
Note: Personal or third party equipment is prohibited in the arena
  • It is recommended to be at least 4 players.
  • There are 24 available spots per time slot included in the group flat rate.
  • Is your group bigger? No problem. The center can receive 100+ people. Select the "Concierge" option uppon booking.

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1 hour of pure fun !?
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Immediate online booking confirmation
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